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5 Things Pediatricians Want New Moms To Know But Would Never Tell Them

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Pediatrician advice for new moms
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There’s no doubt that new moms have a lot on (and in) their hands: a new role, a new baby, and a new lifestyle. So much new-ness can certainly be overwhelming, but thankfully, there are guidebooks, articles, pediatricians—and occasionally unsolicited advice, too—to help answer the most obvious and obscure questions.

But if issues arise, when should you dial your doc or try to problem-solve on your own? “It’s okay to ask your pediatrician questions about your new baby, but it’s also okay to first consult books like What to Expect the First Year put out by the AAP [American Academy of Pediatrics] that can answer a lot of common questions,” says Dr. Resham Batra, M.D., board-certified pediatrician at Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group in San Diego, CA. “Before calling your pediatrician, see if the child is exhibiting behaviors that are out of the ordinary for the child. If the symptoms have been going on for some time or if the child is not eating or as active as they normally are. These reasons should prompt a call to the pediatrician.”

And aside from urgent matters, there are plenty of things your baby doc may be thinking, but won’t say to you unless prompted. Here, five things all new moms should know.

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